AKS DASIS – cooling and air-conditioning


The AKS Dasis Dommermuth GmbH & Co. KG based in Mülheim-Kärlich has a wide range of components for air-conditioning parts and cooling parts for vehicles and industry.

The worldwide delivery of the items is organised quickly due to the various delivery possibilities.

The product range contains in the field of air-conditioning features air-conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, dryer, expansion valve and air-conditioning conduction. In the field of cooling we offer among current vehicle parts, like motor cooler, heat exchanger, oil cooler, intercooler, electro cooler, fan clutch and the correspondent fan blades also a big range of parts for utility vehicles, construction machines and agricultural machines. We also have a variety of air-conditioning parts available for utility vehicles, construction machines and agricultural machines.

The web site that is easily accessible offers among the search via OE and OEM numbers also a vehicle-specific search.

Another feature is the fin search that offers the search of prefabricated fins that are easily to store, but offers also the possibility of custom-made products.

The comprehensive storage offers a fast availability of the necessary parts.

As a DIN certified company (DIN EN 15085-2) we are certified among others for the welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicles parts.

We offer the construction of individual cooler and air-conditioning parts but also repairing of tanks and several sheet metals forming. Furthermore aluminium and steel repairing welding can be done. Replica or restorations of coolers and tanks of vintage cars as well as sealing of bike tanks is our day-to-day business. Our qualified staff has long time experience and still exercises real craft.