Coolers, motor cooling

Kühler, Motorkühlung

Coolers, motor cooling

The motor cooling is often also called water cooler or vehicle cooler. The cooler cools the motor and is part of the cooling circuit. In most cases it is supported by a thermostat that regulates the cooling circuit. Its task is it to manage that the motor has the ideal working temperature as fast as possible and to keep that temperature.

The cooler comprises water tanks that can be installed at the right and the left or above and below. Between the tanks a cooling fin is installed. The flow direction of the lines determines the length of the fin. There are water connections, threads for thermo switches as well as for coolers for automatic gearbox vehicles, often also oil cooler connections.

Cooling fins are available in different designs and materials. They are produced according to the load and the design usually for vintage cars.

In the field of motor cooling we store a comprehensive range of all current vehicle manufacturers and vehicle types. Among coolers for passenger cars and lorries we are also specialised in coolers for construction and agricultural machines. Our range has grown and due to the possibility of a fast delivery we are a valued partner.