Coolers for industry, for rail vehicles and for ships

  • Industrie-, Bahn- und Schifffahrtkühler

Coolers for industry, for rail vehicles and for ships

For 30 years on the right track

AKS Dasis Industry is you strong partner in the field of industrial coolers. For now 30 years established in the market our coolers convince by solid construction, high resistance against mechanical impact as well as exterior influences, by maximum corrosion protection and a very high heat resistance and pressure resistance.

We deliver water coolers, intercoolers, oil coolers, damp registers and condensers.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and secure that all internal processes correspond to the international standards for quality management.

Additionally we are certified according to DIN EN 15085-2 for the welding of rail vehicles.

The customers shall come back, not the products.

We confront permanently the high requirements for our products, to deliver the usual quality and to provide the best service.

Know-How and long-lasting experience are our „trade mark“. The interaction of old and new innovations and the connected developments distinguish our products.

solid constructions

high resistance against mechanical impacts

maximum corrosion protection

very high heat resistance and pressure resistance

compact, robust and light versions

cost-efficient alternative

Customer-oriented, reliable, flexible

Our company is certified for the welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicles parts according to DIN EN 15085-2.

Our company is fully equipped for the construction and handling of coolers. We are able to respond flexibly to special customer requirements for every field of cooling due to technology and experience.

We are specialised in the service and repairing of coolers. We offer our customers among new coolers also a replacement of fins, repairing works, special coatings and cooler cleanings.

Our long lasting experience is reflected in customer orientation, competence and reliability.

Technical Know-How enables us to respond flexibly to customer requirements, to grant short delivery times and to keep our quality standards.

Special coatings

One of our strength lies in the special coating. The special coating enables a longer life time of our products and can be adapted to the circumstances and customer requirements.

A special coating secures the corrosion protection and serves as basis for a long life time of the products.

The characteristics of our special coating:

– excellent corrosion protection

– uniform coating

– non-stick (better cleaning characteristics)

– chemical protection (stable to alkalis, cleaner, etc.)

Compact with high efficiency

Our coolers convince of less required space, lower construction costs as well as of higher performance and are used in the industrial area.

As the coolers combines two components of a cooling unit in one component the construction depth is smaller than the depth of the two single components.

This combination enables the above mentioned reduction of the constructions costs due to the concentration of construction steps.

In our process we integrate two or more separate cooling circuits into one cooling unit. At the exterior side is a permeable and continuous fin.

A directed air flow is produced by this common fin. Thus leakage air is avoided. This influences the efficiency and the decrease in pressure in a positive way.

Our combination achieves a high power density with minimal space requirements.

Heating exchangers ICE coolers

We adapt ourselves to the requirements of our customers. Among our other services we offer revisions of coolers of complete fleets like currently for the ICE3 .

Among the replacement and repairing of fins we analyse the weak points of the initial equipment with the objective to optimise the coolers and to recognise the developments of defects.